What makes a Shield locker different?

Shield offers the only 100% solid surface locker product on the market. Our work for the Charlotte Hornets was the first
fully solid surface locker ever built. With installations in several NBA facilities as well as specifications in multiple
current collegiate locker rooms, we are defining this product for the industry.


Sweaty clothes? Dirty shoes? Weighty equipment? No problem. Like any great player, solid surface doesn't break under pressure.


No one design fits all. Our team works closely with clients to customize our lockers to meet your needs.


You shouldn't have to mortgage your arena to buy long-lasting, aesthetically pleasing lockers. With Shield's solid surface lockers, you don't have to.

Shield lockers

Why choose Shield?

More than just a place to change and stash belongings, lockers are important elements for both the players themselves and the team. Shield’s solid surface locker system combines high style and cutting-edge amenities with the protection and durability of solid surface.

This is a new kind of product line.

Simply put, it is a process of making. Seamless, folded solid surface construction allows our lockers to hold up to all kinds of abuse so you don’t have to worry about them falling apart at the seams. Heavy-duty, patented embedded metal inserts create a metal-to-metal connection that keeps even the largest doors from sagging and wiggling loose. And nonporous solid surface material and stainless steel hardware make our lockers perfect for even the wettest environments.

Our system of building and connecting allows us to craft nearly any size box … standard. We build with better material, so we’ve developed patents that give us a faster, more efficient method of construction.


Building a better box

Traditionally building with solid surface was
prohibitively expensive, so we patented several
construction methods. All our products benefit
from our unique folding process that gives you
exact dimensions faster and more efficiently
than anyone else. We precision-fold solid
surface to exact dimensions, allowing us to
build a box accurately…and faster than
anyone else.

Shield lockers

Metal-to-metal connections

In typical construction, locker doors are notorious
for sagging and wiggling loose. Not so at Shield.
Patented embedded metal inserts secure our hardware, giving each hinge, glide, pull and hook
the nearly unbreakable strength of metal-to-
metal connections.

Shield lockers

Custom is the new standard

Lockers have typically been expensive because everyone starts from scratch each time. Our proprietary folding system doesn’t care how wide
or tall you want your lockers. We build a better
box, and if you want it 22.5” x 72.25,” we believe
that shouldn’t cost you more than standard sizes.

Shield lockers

Buying power

As one of the top solid surface manufacturers in
the country (by volume), Shield offers our
clients the efficiency of our buying power. Not
only have we negotiated special pricing for 16
standard colors, we also have volume discounting
no one else in the country receives.* If you can
have a better product for the same price, why
wouldn’t you spec it? *They tell us only the
two largest home improvement retail chains order
more solid surface than we do.

High-performing lockers for high-performing athletes.


Multiple locker designs include options for bench seats, helmet display, player and donor name recognition, custom branding
and more

The best hardware on the market, from recessing hinges to shoulder pad storage

Locker bodies are made with 1/2 inch solid surface, increasing internal clearance and offering infinite design possibilities

Shield’s patented folded solid surface construction

Flexible sizing with our
proprietary folding system

Endless door options: pick any material from solid surface, phenolic, wood veneer, laminate, glass, metal and more

Choose full solid surface construction or a mix of materials

Fully modular cabinet construction

Customizable features include ventilation, lighting, technology
and locking systems

Patented, embedded metal-
on-metal connections


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Shield lockers
Shield lockers
Shield lockers
Shield lockers